This is the question of many Brazilian investors interested in investing part of their assets in the noblest and scarcest metal on the market.

Considered an investment option for those looking for the long term , investing in gold has become a way to protect your portfolio in times of crisis .

For many, this application is even more attractive than dollar investments .

This is because the dollar is a financial asset that appreciates or depreciates in relation to other currencies, unlike gold, which is not compared with other metals on the market.

In addition, on the last Thursday of February (27), with the stock market falling due to the worsening of the coronavirus outbreak, gold reached its all-time high.

In this text, we will explain why this metal is so sought after in times of crisis and what are the 3 ways to invest in gold , including through the Stock Exchange .

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Is investing in gold worth it?

Before saying yes or no, it is important for you to know that gold is considered the “safe haven” of the financial market in the world.

This is because it is a physical asset , which supports the monetary reserve of many global economies , with its value and demand always guaranteed.

Therefore, many investors use gold investments as a way to protect their portfolio against market fluctuations .

The dollar also performs this function. However, it is important to know that in times of crisis, a devaluation of local currencies , including the dollar, may occur , further increasing the search for the metal.

In addition, gold has appreciated significantly over the years.

It is also worth remembering that this investment is indicated for the long term.

Discover the 3 ways to invest in gold

There are 3 main ways to invest in gold, namely: investing in physical gold, through the Stock Exchange or investment funds.

1st way: buying gold bars

Physical gold can be purchased through institutions authorized by the Central Bank and the CVM to sell the metal to individuals.

That is, although it is not usual, you can buy the gold gram and keep the metal at home.

However, it is not advisable for two main reasons: security , after all it can be dangerous to have so much value in your home, and also liquidity is much lower when you want to sell.

2nd way: buying gold futures contracts on the Stock Exchange

Trading of gold as a financial product in Brazil is carried out on B3 , the Brazilian Stock Exchange , and it is possible to trade the following contracts:

  • Standard Lot of 250g (OZ1D)
  • 10g Fractional Lot (OZ2D)

These are the two most liquid gold contracts on the market.

The big advantage is the initial contribution , which is often lower compared to the two options mentioned above.

Fees and taxation to invest in gold

To invest in gold through the Stock Exchange, there are two fees: the custody fee and the brokerage fee – which in clear is ZERO.*

The custody fee is charged monthly and calculated as follows: average price of the OZ1D on the day * 0.121% * number of grams [minimum 100g].

The result is divided by 30.

In addition, taxation follows the same rule as investments in shares : up to R$ 20,000 in transactions are exempt.

Above that, it is necessary to collect the DARF and, if you pass from one year to the next with gold, you need to declare it in the Income Tax.

Advantages and disadvantages

Here are some questions to consider when investing in gold:


  • Capital protection in times of crisis or market fluctuations
  • Scarce product, so it will always have value in the market
  • Option to diversify your investments
  • Is it possible to acquire gold bars as an alternative to investment


  • Higher liquidity contract is more expensive
  • Not covered by the FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund)
  • Risk of being robbed if you have gold stored at home

See how investing in gold can be simpler than you think?


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